• 513th ACG STEP II Promotion Selects

    STEP II promotion selectees from the 513th Air Control Group enlisted ranks are:MASTER SERGEANTCurtis Clowdus, 970th Airborne Air Control SquadronRaquel Miller, 970th Airborne Air Control Squadron

  • 513th ACG September Enlisted Promotions

    Promotions from the 513th Air Control Group enlisted ranks are:TECHNICAL SERGEANTOmar Williams, 513th Maintenance SquadronSTAFF SERGEANTRiver Stanbro, 513th Operations Support Squadron

  • Tinker Reservists earn CCAF degrees

    Two Reserve Citizen Airmen in the 507th Air Refueling Wing here received their Community College of the Air Force diplomas May 5, 2019, during commander’s call at the base theater. Seven other members of the wing also earned their degrees, along with seven Reservists in the 513th Air Control Group.

  • Vanwey Dining Facility to close until Oct.1

    The Vanwey Dining Facility here is closing Feb. 25th through Oct. 1st for structural renovations, but Tinker Air Force Base Reservists exclusively will be fed in an alternate location for the remaining seven drill weekends of FY 2019.

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