The 507th ARW Public Affairs office is available to support video, photography, community relations and media requests for our wing and associate units. The PA office is located at 507th ARW Headquarters, Bldg. 1056, Suite 136. Our office hours are Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. -- 5:00 p.m. and UTA weekends from 7:00 a.m. -- 4:00 p.m. Please call us at (405) 734-3078 or email with any questions or concerns. 

Please do not call PA for directory assistance. For commonly requested numbers, visit our Phone Reference page.

Available Services and Products

Social Media

Hometown News Release

The Joint Hometown News Service supports military service members world-wide by sharing their personal stories and achievements with friends and family back home.

This service is free to all Active Duty, Guard, and Reserve military members from all branches of service, including Federal employees.

Get started here to fill out your Joint Hometown News Release!

Support Policy

In accordance with AFI 35-109, Air Force visual information resources are government property to be used solely for support to official Air Force organizations and their missions, DoD or other government agencies.

Visual information materials generated or acquired in conducting official duties are the property of the United States Air Force. Air Force military and civilian personnel should obtain a security review and approval from PA prior to releasing outside of the DoD any visual information material depicting military persons, places, or material.

PA is prohibited from providing visual information support for creating products for the purpose of personal souvenirs or gifts (e.g. farewell gifts), provide décor for individual personal office walls (products for organizational areas may be provided depicting relevant missions performed), support or document farewell parties or social events unless certified as newsworthy or having historical significance, create products used primarily for entertainment during farewell parties or social events, or support Force Support Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) non-appropriated funded missions (limited support can be provided in accordance with AFI 35-109).

Please contact Public Affairs at (405) 734-3078 with any questions regarding our support policy.


Completing the Multimedia Request Form

  • Instructions

    Please fill out the following blocks

    Block 4: Current date.

    Block 7: Your last and first name.

    Fill out blocks 8 through 12 with your current information. Be sure to put the email you wish your product sent to in block 12.

    Section 16: Click on the box or boxes to designate the type of product or support you need. More than one block can be checked. If none of the options provided apply, select Other and type what support you require into the Specify block.

    Section 17: Click the box or boxes to designate what function your request supports. Most requests fall into Recruiting, Public Information or Installation Support. If your request doesn’t support any of the options provided, select Other and type the function supported into the Specify block.

    Block 18: Provide the purpose and justification for your request. If the product is for another person, please provide their name and rank (if applicable) here. Describe the type of media being requested and/or what type of event/ceremony that is taking place. Explain what the product will be used for or where it’s going.

    Block 19: Provide a project title. A short description such as ‘official photo for biography’ will suffice.

    Block 20: Put the date and time of event or appointment here. Be sure to schedule a date and time with PA for studio photos.

    Block 21: Provide the location of the event/ceremony. For studio, put Public Affairs.

    Block 22: Explain any special instructions here. How is product to be distributed? Explain where you'd like your final product to go. (For example, live stream retirement ceremony on 507th ARW Facebook page, or list any additional email addresses you want your official photo sent to. Please note; photos of ceremonies or events will be returned to requester for distribution.) Describe what is needed from photographer/videographer that's not already explained. (For instance, photographer might need to climb stairs or be elevated on a cherry picker or lift. Or perhaps PA member needs escorted into inaccessible/secure locations). Include any information here which doesn't fit into any of the provided blocks or that is relevant to your request.

    Block 24: Digitally sign and date the form.

    Block 25: (Optional) Provide feedback on your customer service experience here. Feel free to include any questions, comments or concerns in this section. Send completed form to

Requesting Support

Complete, sign and send an AF Form 833 Multimedia Workorder to PA at

Instructions can also be found in the COMPLETING THE MULTIMEDIA REQUEST FORM section at the end of this guide.

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