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For information on opportunities in the Air Force Reserve, 

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Office Numbers

   Recruiting Office
   Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma
   Office: 405-734-3774
   Cell: 405-205-0175

   In-service Recruiter   
   Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma
   Cell: 405-409-6943   

   Line Recruiter
   Tulsa, Oklahoma
   Cell: 918-271-1677

   Line/In-service Recruiter   
   Altus, Oklahoma   
   Cell: 405-409-5170   

   Line Recruiter
   Midwest City, Oklahoma
   Cell: 405-409-5811

   Line Recruiter   
   Moore, Oklahoma   
   Cell: 405-205-0149   

   Line Recruiter
   Moore, Oklahoma
   Cell: 405-409-6311

   Recruiting Service Support Assistant   
   Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma   
   Office: 405-734-5331