Force Management Programs

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Annual Manning Plan

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Classification Waivers

ART Military Qualifications


Unfavorable Information File (UIF)

Awards and Decorations

Active Duty Sanctuary Waivers

Reserve Management Vacancy System

G-Series Orders

Overage/Over Grade Waivers

Inbound Transfers (AF1288)

Projected Gains Information

In accordance with AFI 36-2110, Total Force Assignments, personal interviews are only authorized for the following: 

  • Aircrew Operations (1AXXX)
  • All X prefix AFSCs (Aircrew)
  • Safety (1S0X1)
  • Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape Operations (1T0X1)
  • Command and Control (1C3X1)
  • Communications-Computer Systems Operations (3C0X1)
  • Explosive Ordinance Disposal (3E8X1)
  • Education and Training (3F2X1) (unless member previously held the AFSC)
  • Chapel Management (5R0X1) (regardless of grade)
  • Paralegal (5J0X1)
  • Family Readiness Technicians (8C000)
  • All AFSCs requiring a Top Secret security clearance eligibility
  • All members applying for Airlift Control Flight and Functional Check Flight unit positions
  • All senior NCO and commissioned officers 

Other interviews are not currently authorized.

In accordance with AFRC/SG memorandum dated July 17, 2018, only IRR, Palace Chase, and Palace Front applicants require a medical review prior to assignment in the Air Force Reserve.

Please note this roster shows prior service projected gains. Once member is gained they will be scheduled for the next available Newcomers Orientation.

All questions/concerns should be directed to the Force Management Section at 405-739-4463.

Office Information

M-F 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
UTAs 7:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Phone numbers
Office: 405-739-4463
Secondary: 405-739-4047


Bldg. 1043
Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma

Enlisted Evaluations Information

RANK SCOD (biennial)
SrA 31 Mar (even years)
SSgt 31 Jan (odd years)
TSgt 30 Nov (even years)
MSgt 30 Sep (odd years)
SMSgt 31 Jul (even years)
CMSgt 31 May (odd years)


TABLE 4.7, AGR ​
RANK SCOD (annually)
SrA 31 Mar
SSgt 31 Jan
TSgt 30 Nov
MSgt 30 Sep
SMSgt 31 Jul
CMSgt 31 May


507th 0M4U7
513th 0MCU7


Retraining eligibility must be verified utilizing AFI 36-2626 and the AFECD/AFOCD. 

All retraining packages must contain an AF3920 and an AF2096

Templates can be found on SharePoint under Force Management, Templates located here: Retraining Templates