ON-FINAL NEWS BULLETIN – Jan. 7, 2022 (Vol 42, No. 1)

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  • By 2nd Lt. Mary Begy

ON-FINAL NEWS BULLETIN – Jan. 7, 2022 (Vol 42, No. 1)

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Okies Refuel B-52 Stratofortress
B-52 Stratofortresses assigned to the 96th Bomb Squadron Barksdale Air Force Base, Louisiana, refuel with a KC-135 Stratotanker assigned to the 465th Air Refueling Squadron, Tinker AFB, Oklahoma, above the Rocky Mountains, Dec. 13, 2021

Department of the Air Force reaches 95% Total Force vaccination rate
Exercise Global Thunder 22, an annual U.S. Strategic Command nuclear command and control and field training exercise, concluded Nov. 7, 2021, with elements of the 507th Air Refueling Wing taking part.

DAF authorizes pass from COVID booster
“We strongly encourage all Airmen, Guardians, and DAF federal employees to receive a booster. As COVID-19 cases continue to surge, we need to do everything possible to protect ourselves, our families, and our communities—that means getting a booster,” said Under Secretary of the Air Force Gina Ortiz

CSAF Spouse announces Five & Thrive initiative
The Five & Thrive platform aims to encourage, support and build thriving military families by tackling challenges and enhancing preventative measures through partnerships and sharing of best practices.

Signature block pronouns now allowed for Airmen, Guardians
A recent update to the Department of the Air Force writing guide, The Tongue and Quill, now allows Airmen and Guardians to include pronouns in their signature block.

Air Force Reserve Key Spouse Virtual Conference
The Air Force Reserve Key Spouse Program hosted the first-ever Air Force Reserve Virtual Key Spouse Conference Nov. 10, 2021, with the theme “Building Resilient Teams.

507th ARW January Enlisted Promotions  

Fiscal Year 2022 UTA schedule available

Message from Air Force Leaders
Heroes of the Air Force Reserve,

As we celebrate the second birthday of the United States Space Force, which was officially established on December 20, 2019. Recent events, including Russia's anti-satellite test last month have reemphasized the fact that space is an important domain.

Reserve Citizen Airmen remain vital to the United States Space Force. Our AFR Space Professionals and those performing supporting roles provide the Space Force with accessible capacity and mission expertise. Further, their experience with industry is vital to maintaining a service culture of agility, innovation, and boldness. Our AFR contributions are crucial to our Nation's success in space. Thank you for your enduring contributions to the space enterprise and your continued service during this historic time!

RICHARD W. SCOBEE                                            TIMOTHY C. WHITE
Lieutenant General, USAF                                   Chief Master Sergeant, USAF
Commander                                                           Command Chief


Chapel services available on UTA Sundays
Chapel Service Date: Sunday UTA Time: 0715-0745, Location: Bldg 1094, 72nd MDG, Heritage Hall in the basement

Event: Chapel Service Date: Sunday UTA Time: 0730-0800 Location: 72nd APS Conference Rm.

Event: Catholic Mass Date: Sunday UTA Time: 0730-0800 Location: Bldg 1059, 507th Operations Group, Conference Room

Event: Bible Study Date: Sunday UTA Time: 0800 – 0830, Location: Bldg 1048, 507th Logistics Readiness Squadron, Conference Room

For more information, please contact the 507th Chapel Staff at 405-734-1912.

Rising 6 Meeting
We will be having a Rising 6 members meeting on January 9th @ 1300 at The Hill Conference Center.  We will discuss upcoming events within the Wing and The Rising 6.  We will also be collecting member dues ($10 for E1-E4 and $20 for E5-E6.)

There will be a bowling morale event on 8 January 2021 at 1700.  The attached flyer has details on attending this event!

Okie 50th Anniversary Family Day 30 April 2022
507th Air Refueling Wing Family Day is rescheduled until 2022. Family day is an annual event designed to give families of Okies the opportunity to enjoy aircraft static displays, food and fun.

Sign up for a Family Day vendor booth today: https://afrc.eim.us.af.mil/sites/507ARW/SitePages/507%20ARW%20Family%20Day.aspx

Annual Awards Banquet 2022
When: 30 April 2022 Time TBDs
Where: Tinker Events Center

Vanwey Dining Facility – Open for business






0600 – 0800


0600 – 1300


1100 – 1300


1600 – 1800


1630 – 1830



Due to social distancing requirements and minimal dine-in seating, the Vanwey Dining Facility requests your support in minimizing DFAC congestion by staggering customer meal times. The following schedule shows the suggested time-slots for customers:

10:30am- 507 MXS, 507 SFS, 513 AMXS, 970 AACS
11:00am- 507 CES, 507 LRS, 513 MXS, 513 OPS
11:30 am- 465 ARS, 507 OG, 507 OSS, 507 AMXS
12:00 pm- 507 FSS, 507 ARW, 507 MSG, 507 MXG
12:30 pm- 507 MDS, 72 APS, 513 ACG

507th Chiefs Group – TOP 3 – 507th MDS -- Rising 6 & CGOC Present “Fitness for Duty

DATE/TIME: Sunday, January UTA @ 1000-1100
LOCATION: New Wing Auditorium
COURSE: “Fitness for Duty”

Can’t make it in person?
Available via teleconference, just call 301-909-7357 and use access #: 247310745
POC: MSgt Megan Denman

Tinker AFB Family Advocacy

New Parent Support Program (NPSP):  This FREE program offers scheduled home visits from a Registered Nurse to assist expecting parents and/or those with children from birth to 3 years of age.  Breastfeeding support, infant nutrition, & child developmental assessments are just a few of the many topics covered.  In-home marriage counseling upon request.  Call to inquire and enroll at any time.  (Home Visits have begun again for those who elect to participate in this manner; telephonic/virtual visits are also supported).

507 ARW 4th Quarter Award Packages due Saturday of January UTA
DUE: Saturday January UTA (Late packages will not be accepted)
If anyone has any questions or concerns regarding the due date of the 3rd quarter award packages, please contact MSgt Kerra Hibner or CMSgt Stephen Nicholas.

Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program
Jan 28-30: Costa Mesa, CA
Feb 18-20: Orlando, FL
March 18-20: Seatle, WA
March 25-27: Orlando, FL

For more information, contact the 507th ARW and 513th ACG YR rep, MSgt Stephanie Charkowski at stephanie.charkowski@us.af.mil

If you would like to submit information or photos to the On-final, email us at 507arw.pa2@us.af.mil.