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  • Keeping the wheels of your 'tricycle' balanced

    Several years ago I used to look to the sky, see a small aircraft flying by and tell my wife, one day I'd like to have that kind of freedom. That year I received flying lessons as a birthday present from my wife and mother. While learning how to fly, I realized that although you do have certain

  • Communicating the AF Reserve mission with the help of social media

    The ways that we communicate have changed drastically over the last few years. From the telegram to social media sites like instagram, new online and emerging technologies have given us opportunities to communicate with ease. New social media mediums such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, which are

  • A new perspective on life and death

    In continuing my thoughts on Life and Death, as a hospice chaplain I have witnessed some absolutely wonderful scenes of family unity and love. I've seen times when parents, children, siblings and spouses (even ex-spouses) all pulled together for the good of the dying family member.  That unity

  • A new perspective on life and death

    As a civilian minister and Air Force Reserve chaplain for 25+ years, I've been around death and dying. I can't tell you how many times I've visited people in the hospital or the number of funerals I've officiated, much less, attended.  But about a year ago I began a new direction in my civilian