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  • Commentary: Veterans: True superheroes

    I consider the approximately 300 Veterans from WWII, Korea, Vietnam and the Gulf Wars who live at the Norman Veterans Center in Norman, Okla., to be superheroes.These men and women come from all walks of life, yet all served their country as a team. It's a special feeling to deliver gifts to the residents and to show them that others appreciate
  • Security Forces Airmen eligible for $20K in bonuses

    Reservists interested in joining the Security Forces career field are eligible to receive an enlistment bonus of up to $20,000 for committing to a six-year enlistment, and prior-service Airmen interested in retraining into the field are eligible for a bonus of up to $15,000.According to Master Sgt. Eric Kiddie of the 507th Security Forces Squadron
  • Initial phase of upgrades to Reserve KC-135s to begin in February

    KC-135R Stratotankers operated by the 507th Air Refueling Wing are scheduled to be the first Air Force Reserve Command tankers to be retrofitted with the new KC-135 Block 45 upgrade at the Oklahoma City Air Logistics Complex here in February 2016.The latest KC-135 upgrade, called Block 45, will completely remodel the inside of the flight deck with
  • Reservist Basic Military Training Instructors Needed

    The 433rd Training Squadron is recruiting NCOs to serve as Reserve Military Training Instructors to train tomorrow's Airmen at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas.Reservists between the ranks of Staff Sgt. to Master Sgt. can not only serve as instructors in the traditional Reservist capacity, but also through the active guard Reserve (AGR) and air
  • Deployed operations made possible by home station fuel systems shop

    Deployed maintenance teams sometimes discover a problem so big that they must call on the help of their home station partners.That's exactly what had to be done Dec. 6, when a deployed KC-135R Stratotanker with a major fuel leak returned from Southwest Asia to the 507th Maintenance Squadron here for repairs.According to Master Sgt. Cameron Dinger,
  • Port Dawgs train on TSA procedures

    We have all been to civilian airports, where we have to stand in line to go through security checkpoints and get our bags checked in. Sometimes, we may get frustrated by the long wait times, but we wouldn't be able to make it to our destinations without the men and women who are tasked with making trips as safe as possible.This is what the
  • Reserve engine shop runs full throttle

    When it comes to experience and dedication, the 507th Propulsion Maintenance shop has what it takes to maintain all of the KC-135 Stratotanker engines in the 507th Air Refueling Wing's inventory, according to Staff Sgt. Linton Riddick, engine manager with the jet engine shop here.The 10-person shop is comprised of five Air Reserve Technicians and
  • Luncheon celebrates Native American culture

    The Native American Heritage luncheon was held Nov. 18 at the Tinker Club.The guest speaker was Jeanne Rorex Bridges, a Cherokee artist with a career that includes numerous awards, feature articles in a variety of magazines and newspapers, and paintings used as cover art or illustrations in 16 books published nationally and internationally."I've
  • 10th Flight Test Squadron: troublemakers on a mission

    Confident from daily encounters with danger and thousands of hours flying military and civilian aircraft, the pilots and crews of the 10th Flight Test Squadron also happen to be the biggest troublemakers on Tinker Air Force Base.They'd be out of a job if they weren't.The 38-member Air Force Reserve Command squadron led by Lt. Col. Scott Wilson