ON-FINAL NEWS BULLETIN – Oct. 1, 2021 (Vol 41, No. 10)

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Lauren Kelly
  • 507th Air Refueling Wing Public Affairs

ON-FINAL NEWS BULLETIN – Oct. 1, 2021 (Vol 41, No. 10)

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Northern Exposure: Co-pilots train in Alaska

Thirteen personnel with the 507th Air Refueling here went to Alaska in July to refuel F-22s assigned to the 90th Fighter Squadron. The group of Reservists, consisting of three co-pilots, two aircraft commanders, and two boom operators of the 507th Operations Group and six 507th Maintenance Group maintenance personnel, traveled to Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska, for a week over the summer.

513th Air Control Group leads testing of next-gen collaboration tech
In today’s Air Force operations, chat is king. Using technology developed in the late 80s, AWACS aircrew members pass text line-by-line to other command and control agencies to make requests, update on developing situations or deliver results from completed missions.

COMMENTARY: 10th Anniversary of Don't Ask Don't Tell Repeal
The United States military has come a long way in protecting the rights of LGBTQ+ military members over the past 10 years, spurred on with the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell on Tuesday, September 20, 2011. When the issue was being debated in Congress, LGBTQ+ military advocates were bolstered by research and testimony from the American Psychological Association.

2021 On-final anthology Vol. 3 released
The On-Final Anthology is a yearly official bulletin for the Airmen of the 507th Air Refueling Wing, an Air Force Reserve Command unit at Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma. The anthology highlights the amazing stories of Okies who make a difference everyday in the Air Force Reserve and in their local communities.

Tinker Celebrates Hispanic Heritage
Each year, Americans observe National Hispanic Heritage Month from Sept. 15 to Oct. 15, recognizing the achievements and contributions of Hispanic Americans. The observation was first introduced in 1968 as Hispanic Heritage Week under President Lyndon Johnson. It was later expanded by President Ronald Reagan to cover a 30-day period, as it coincides with the national independence days in several Latin American countries.

Myths and facts about the vax — debunking common COVID-19 vaccine myths
The COVID-19 vaccine has been mandated across the Department of Defense and despite its demonstrated effectiveness and safety, a host of myths have left some Airmen and Guardians hesitant to receive it. While social media posts and some news outlets may make it harder to keep up with what is fact or fiction, the science is clear … approved COVID-19 vaccines work.

507th ARW October enlisted promotions

Fiscal Year 2022 UTA schedule available

Message from Leaders


Since the dawn of airpower, Airmen and innovation instinctively aligned to create the world's dominant Air Force. However, diminishing competitive advantage threatens our national security. This is why I wrote Accelerate Change or Lose. Just as the very first Airmen supporting the trench warfare of World War I lived by the mantra of "over, not through," Airmen today must lead the innovative change required to secure our nation tomorrow. In my first year, I've witnessed Airmen doing this worldwide; from using local additive manufacturing to rapidly reconstitute aircraft here at home, to slimming down the footprint necessary to achieve air superiority in austere environments overseas. We must continue building upon this momentum.

Innovation is more than a buzzword—it goes beyond just creative thinking and lofty expectations. It is evolutionary or revolutionary changes to existing processes, capabilities, and mindsets. To succeed, we must properly identify problems, empower decentralized solutions by individuals and teams, and infuse an ethos of innovation at all levels. Innovation depends on both creative individuals and supportive organizations to turn concepts into reality.

Keep in mind that our Airmen, at all levels, already identify innovative solutions to address complex problems and drive modernization. If they do not have the answer yet, they will be the ones to discover it, given the right environment. I expect leaders, from front-line supervisors to MAJCOM commanders, to provide the intent and authority critical to creating an environment that allows experimentation and encourages innovated Airmen. The Air Force needs a culture underwritten with empowerment and trust. Airmen need their leaders to be their early supporters and early adopters.

Not all ideas will be practical; some will be prioritized over others, some will be shelved, and not all of them will be perfect—that is okay. An idea that is never presented is worse than an idea that does not work. Innovation requires courage, and rewards tenacity; we must iterate to find the best solution. For those that are truly innovative, setbacks are fully expected. The lessons learned during those attempts are necessary parts of the process and frequently serve as springboards for further improvements. This is why we debrief.

Remember, we value boldness and initiative. We need both innovative Airmen and their supportive leaders to achieve "over, not through" approaches for the 21st century. This takes an innovative ethos, this takes courage and creativity—this takes you!


                                                                        CHARLES Q. BROWN, JR.

                                                                        General, USAF

                                                                                       Chief of Staff



Chapel services available on UTA Sundays
Chapel Service Date: Sunday UTA Time: 0715-0745, Location: Bldg 1094, 72nd MDG, Heritage Hall in the basement

Event: Chapel Service Date: Sunday UTA Time: 0730-0800 Location: 72nd APS Conference Rm.

Event: Catholic Mass Date: Sunday UTA Time: 0730-0800 Location: Bldg 1059, 507th Operations Group, Conference Room

Event: Bible Study Date: Sunday UTA Time: 0800 – 0830, Location: Bldg 1048, 507th Logistics Readiness Squadron, Conference Room

For more information, please contact the 507th Chapel Staff at 405-734-1912.


23rd Annual Operation Holiday Spirit Steak Supper to be held Dec. 3
Event: HOLIDAY SPIRIT STEAK SUPPER, Date: Friday, Dec.3, 2021, Time: 1800-2200, Location: American Legion/VFW Post - 5000 SE 24th St., Del City, OK Tickets: $45.00, quantities limited to 400 tickets/seats

Menu: Ribeye steak from Wheeler’s Meat Market served with baked potato, veggies, salad, roll and cheesecake.

Beverages: Cash bar provided (no outside beverages)

Visit holidayspirit.org for more information and to purchase tickets online. For more information or purchase paper tickets please contact the following: Takesha Williams, Angi Dail, Joe Brown, Joe Wade, Ralph Hawkins, Dan Gibb, Larry DeSalle or Michelle Bonilla.


Family Day postponed to April 2022
507th Air Refueling Wing Family Day is rescheduled until April 2022. Family day is an annual event designed to give families of Okies the opportunity to enjoy aircraft static displays, food and fun.

Sign up for a Family Day vendor booth today: https://afrc.eim.us.af.mil/sites/507ARW/SitePages/507%20ARW%20Family%20Day.aspx


October UTA Vaccination Plan
Location: 72nd MDG, POC: Maj. Scott Blair

507th MSG personnel: Saturday, Oct. 2 1200-1500

507th MXG personnel: Sunday, Oct. 3 0800-1000

507th OG, MDS and Wing Staff: Sunday, Oct. 3 and 1300-1500

Briefings at the base theater Saturday at 1100 and Sunday at 0700 and 1100 with the Chapel and MDS

Vanwey Dining Facility – Open for business






0600 – 0800


0600 – 1300


1100 – 1300


1600 – 1800


1630 – 1830



Due to social distancing requirements and minimal dine-in seating, the Vanwey Dining Facility requests your support in minimizing DFAC congestion by staggering customer meal times. The following schedule shows the suggested time-slots for customers:

10:30am- 507 MXS, 507 SFS, 513 AMXS, 970 AACS
11:00am- 507 CES, 507 LRS, 513 MXS, 513 OPS
11:30 am- 465 ARS, 507 OG, 507 OSS, 507 AMXS
12:00 pm- 507 FSS, 507 ARW, 507 MSG, 507 MXG
12:30 pm- 507 MDS, 72 APS, 513 ACG

507th Chiefs Group – TOP 3 – Rising 6 & CGOC Present “Emotional Intelligence”

DATE/TIME: Sunday, October 3 @ 1200-1300
LOCATION: Base Theater
COURSE: “Emotional Intelligence”

DESCRIPTION/OBJECTIVE: Can’t make it in person? Available via teleconference, just call 301-909-7357 and use access #: 247310745 POC: MSgt Megan Denman

October UTA (Sun) @ 1200-1300

Emotional Intelligence

October 20th @ 1200-1300

Defense Travel System (DTS)

November UTA (Sun) @ 1200-1300

Defense Travel System

November 17th @ 1200-1300

Fitness for Duty Determination

December UTA (Sun) @ 1200-1300

Fitness for Duty Determination

Share your adventure
Telling your story to those around you, your family, friends and co-workers, can make a big difference to them and to the Air Force Reserve. Maybe you will tell your story to someone who lives nearby, someone who lives across the country or a friend who is getting out of Active Duty. The Air Force Reserve has locations across the country, who will you tell your story to? https://www.shareyouradventure.us/

Automated Lodging Registration System is online
FSS excited to inform you that the Automated Lodging Registration System (ALRS) mobile app is now online to make lodging reservations and cancellations for primary UTAs. Currently, rescheduling lodging via the app is not possible.

If you are currently registered in ALRS with your cell phone number, you will receive a text message Oct. 23 with instructions to enroll in the mobile app, but it is recommended users set up the app in advance to ease the process. The app is available for download on Google play store for android users and the app store for Apple users. Finally, if you make your reservation in ALRS Mobile do not use the dial-in if you require a change or cancellation. 

If you have any issues downloading the app or additional questions, please contact MSgt Celeste Fletes at: 405-734-5532 or 507FSS.FSV.Lodging@us.af.mil

507 ARW 3rd Quarter Award Packages due 2 Oct
DUE: NLT 1700, Saturday, 2 October 2021. (Late packages will not be accepted)

If anyone has any questions or concerns regarding the due date of the 3rd quarter award packages, please contact MSgt Kerra Hibner or CMSgt Stephen Nicholas.

Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program
Nov 19-21 : Crystal City, VA
Dec 17-19 : Los Angeles, CA

For more information, contact the 507th ARW and 513th ACG YR rep, MSgt Stephanie Charkowski at stephanie.charkowski@us.af.mil

If you would like to submit information or photos to the On-final, email us at 507arw.pa2@us.af.mil.