Air Force Aid Society can assist victims of cold weather

  • Published
  • By By retired Chief Master Sgt. MSgt John A. Farrell III Air Force Aid Society Chief Operating Officer

Due to the unbelievable record breaking temperatures affecting many areas around the country these past several days which have caused power/water outages, bursting pipes and displacement of families, the Air Force Aid Society has put measures in place to help those affected by the cold weather snap.

AFAS is available for consideration of Airmen/Guardian emergency financial needs caused by this wave of cold weather for such things as short-term hotel stays, additional food needs, other basic living expenses or emergency needs in which no resources are available.

Effective immediately, AFAS policy is as follows: We will provide up to a $500 grant for any Airmen/Guardians affected by this situation. We will work from a position of integrity; however, we ask the member provide something that shows they’ve been affected (e.g., hotel bill, picture of busted pipes (their homeowner insurance would cover this), etc.

Eligibility includes:

•  Active-duty Air Force/Space Force members

•  All National Guard and Reserve members regardless of duty status

•  Retirees

•  Widows/Widowers

Contact your closest active-duty installation Airman & Family Readiness Center for assistance; however, if you’re located more than 50 miles from any installation, you should call the National American Red Cross number at 877-272-7337. (Courtesy of AFAS)