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  • By Senior Airman Mary Begy
  • 507th Air Refueling Wing Public Affairs

ON-FINAL NEWS BULLETIN – Sept. 11, 2020 (Vol 40, No. 9)

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Civil engineers conduct tactical convoy operations training
Nearly 100 personnel from the 507th Civil Engineer Squadron here participated in a three-day convoy field training exercise at Glenwood Training Annex July 31- Aug. 2.

Reserve medics receive awards
Nine Reserve medics from the 507th Air Refueling Wing here received awards Aug. 2, 2020, during the August unit training assembly.

Social Security Payroll Tax Deferral
In order to provide relief during the COVID-19 pandemic, a Presidential Memorandum was issued on August 8, 2020 and guidance followed from Internal Revenue Service on August 28, 2020, to temporarily defer Social Security (Old Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance (OASDI) tax withholdings. This change is effective through the end of the 2020 calendar year.

Uniform changes for 2PFDU, OCP go into effect
Several uniform changes became mandatory for the Operational Camouflage Pattern and Two-Piece Flight Duty Uniform Sept. 1 for all Airmen. The changes for each uniform are detailed in Air Force Instruction 36-2903, Dress and Appearance of Air Force Personnel.

From mission to mayor; citizen Airman serves community in, out of uniform
U.S. Air Force Lt. Col. Douglas Jeffrey, the 730th Air Mobility Training Squadron commander at Altus Air Force Base, Oklahoma, has always aimed to leave things better than he found it. Jeffrey has carried this philosophy not only throughout his Air Force career, but also while serving as the Mayor of Vernon, Texas, from 2018 to 2020.

CMSgt Bass installed as the Air Force’s 19th Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force
Chief Master Sgt. JoAnne S. Bass formally took the reins Aug. 14 as the Air Force’s 19th Chief Master Sergeant, in the process becoming the first woman and the first person of Asian American descent to be elevated to the service’s highest-ranking enlisted officer.

Brown formally installed as 22nd Air Force Chief of Staff
In remarks following the formal “Change of Responsibility” ceremony in which he took over from retiring Gen. David L. Goldfein, the 21st Chief of Staff, Brown acknowledged an array of people who influenced his life. Among them were his wife, Sharene, and his parents, as well as a list of Air Force colleagues, including Goldfein and other “extraordinary leaders.”

507th ARW September enlisted promotions

Fiscal Year 2021 UTA schedule available



I am humbled and honored to serve with each and every one of you as the 19th Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force.   When I look back at my 27 years of service to our Nation, I can’t help but think about the great opportunities the Air Force has given me.  My promise is that we will work hard to provide all of our Airmen with these same opportunities, while ensuring the readiness of America’s Air Force. 

Our strategic and global environment has changed; however, the one constant is our people.  You are our most lethal weapon system and the competitive edge we have over our adversaries.  As warfighters that answer our Nation’s call, we must provide you with the very best training, opportunities, and resources to enable your success.  In order to accomplish that, we must continue to adapt, evolve, and modernize our Air Force.  And to that end, my focus will be on YOU – our people, our readiness, and our culture to ensure we are ready for any challenge that may come our way. 

There is much work to be done.  And alongside Secretary Barrett, and General Brown, we will work hard for you, our fellow Airmen, and our great Air Force.  We are committed to you, your families, and our Nation. 

Again, I am extremely humbled and honored to share in this journey with you.  My husband Rahn and I couldn’t be more proud to be part of this great Air Force family.  Thank you, and your families, for your continued service and sacrifice.  Our Air Force, and our Nation are better because of you.   

Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force

To the Men and Women of the Air Force,

It is truly an honor to serve alongside you as the 22nd Air Force Chief of Staff.  I appreciate this opportunity to build upon the solid foundation General Goldfein set to prepare our Airmen to soar boldly into the future.  I deeply appreciate your service, and the sacrifices you and your families make to ensure we serve in the greatest Air Force in the world. 

We must never forget, however, our future success is not pre-ordained.  Our adversaries are watching, and they will continue their efforts to negate our long-standing warfighting advantages.  My focus is to ensure today’s Airmen, and those that follow us, have the capabilities needed to preserve the unique value we provide to our great Nation. 

Our Air Force and our Nation deserve nothing less than our best.  So we must make clear-eyed judgments about our strategic future as an Air Force.  We must be able to adapt and accelerate change to account for the strategic environment we face today and the far more challenging environment we can expect to face tomorrow.  We must train and prepare in order to maintain a decisive advantage across the full spectrum—from competition to conflict. We must be ready when the Nation next calls upon our Airmen to fly, fight, and win. 

No matter the challenges or opportunities that come our way, you can expect me to lead by means of four tenets that have served me throughout my career: Execute at a High Standard, Be Disciplined in Execution, Pay Attention to Details, and Have Fun.

My wife Sharene and I are proud to serve with each and every one of you and look forward to the journey ahead.  We are committed to providing a quality of service and quality of life that enables you and your families to reach their full potential.  While I am humbled by the enormity of what we must achieve to preserve and enhance the Air Force’s unique contributions to our national defense, I have the utmost confidence in our ability to overcome the challenges ahead.  Your dedication and commitment are inspiring.  I look forward to serving alongside you in the world’s most respected Air Force. 

General, USAF
Chief of Staff of the Air Force

To the Men and Women of the Air and Space Forces,

Our Nation was attacked on 11 September 2001, by terrorists who endeavored to sow fear and despair into American hearts and minds.  These efforts failed because our country is defined by its resiliency and the ability to persevere through the darkest of times, overcoming adversity.

Unified by a collective strength, we are a Nation of hope.  We solemnly remember the sacrifice of the nearly 3,000 men and women killed 19 years ago on that fateful Tuesday morning.  We honor and pay tribute to the first responders and survivors as well as family members and loved ones impacted by this national tragedy.

Our Nation has repeatedly shown its ability to unify through the most challenging of times and to emerge stronger than before.  This has proven true in recent times, defining our response to the COVID-19 pandemic and our effort to stay connected while social distancing.  

Thank you for your service and for all that you contribute to our collective strength and resiliency.

Barbara Barrett
Secretary of the Air Force


John W. Raymond                                                       Charles Q. Brown, Jr.            
General, USSF                                                             General, USAF                                  
Chief of Space Operations                                           Chief of Staff of the Air Force


Roger A. Towberman                                                 JoAnne S. Bass
Senior Enlisted Advisor of the Space Force              Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force


Family Day 2020, Sept. 12, 2020 - CANCELED

507th ARW book drive
Look for donation bins around the wing or bring donations to the Airman and Family Readiness Center in Bldg 1043. Donations benefit VA agencies in the OKC metro area. Books only, no magazines.

Yellow ribbon date and location
If you received a call to Active Duty in support of a deployment for 75+ days or more, which resulted in separation from your family for the majority of the deployment, you are eligible to attend one pre-deployment event and two post-deployment Yellow Ribbon Events. For more information, call Master Sgt. Katie Johnson at 405-734-7207 or email katie.johnson.10@us.af.mil

  • November 20-22, Orlando, FL

Vanwey Dining Facility – Open for business
Operating Hours – No Dine-in Service …. Carry out ONLY






0600 – 0800


0600 – 1300


1100 – 1300


1600 – 1800


1630 – 1830




Silver Squadron Breakfast
Sept. 12, 2020 (Saturday) Silver Squadron Breakfast – 0730 to 1030
Dec. 5, 2020 (Saturday) Silver Squadron Breakfast – 0730 to 1030
March 6, 2021 (Saturday) Silver Squadron Breakfast – 0730 to 1030

The quarterly breakfast events are hosted by the American Legion Auxiliary at the Del City Post located at 5000 SE 24th Street (405-670-9128) from 0730 to 1030. The cost is $8 per person or $1 if you only want to drink coffee and socialize. Several of the attendees bring pictures and mementos to share. Okie vets that own their own businesses can also set up a table and get information out about their services. Consider attending and please pass the info along to other former Okies that may not receive the e-mails and/or these newsletters. Thanks.

VA DISABILITY SERVICE OFFICER ATTENDS OKIE BREAKFASTS: Del City Post Service Officer Gordon Wheeler may attend the Okie breakfast on June 6th. Gordon will have a table off to the side to answer questions of veterans about filing disability claims and VA information. Gordon is also at the Post (5000 SE 24th Street) every Wednesday from 1 to 3 pm. Enter through the south door on the west side of the building. Spread the word and bring your questions/concerns. He’s one of the best if not THE best Service Officer in OK.

GROUP PICTURES: Pictures will be taken at approximately 9 am and again at around 10 am at the breakfasts. Some attendees like to arrive early and leave early, while others arrive later and leave at the end of the event. This way we can hopefully capture everyone.

Big Okie “SH Okies” 10th Reunion-CANCELED
Sept 25-26 (Friday-Saturday)

If you would like to submit information or photos to the On-final, email us at 507arw.pa2@us.af.mil.