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  • By Senior Airman Mary Begy
  • 507th Air Refueling Wing Public Affairs

ON-FINAL NEWS BULLETIN – July 11, 2020 (Vol 40, No. 7)

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Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey helps civilians voice their opinions
The FEVS is a government-wide, Office of Personnel Management administered annual survey that Air Force civilian employees have been participating in since 2006. The approximately 100-question survey takes 20-to-30 minutes to complete and is anonymous. The survey includes questions about employees’ work-life, job and organizational satisfaction, commitment, engagement, performance management and communication. It measures employee perceptions of whether their organization is successful.

Goldfein describes the future of the Air Force
During the hour-long virtual appearance, the Air Force’s highest-ranking officer explained that the service has made progress toward high-priority goals that include all-domain, joint operations and adapting to meeting threats from near-peer powers.

Air Force Chief of Staff visits AFRC
Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. David L. Goldfein visited AFRC Headquarters to recognize two Airmen for their efforts during COVID-19 during his visit to Robins Air Force Base, Georgia on June 24. Goldfein recognized Master Sgt. Robert Crowe and Lt. Col. Jessica Dees.

Tricare Selected Reserve termination explained
Office of the Secretary of Defense will allow members up to five months, instead of the original three-month period, to pay overdue premiums to have coverage reinstated and will honor any medical services and bills incurred during that time, once premiums are paid.

Total Force Recruiting starts at the squadron
While Air Force Recruiting Service has a large presence at events like NASCAR races, the Indianapolis 500 and other high-profile happenings, recruiting truly starts at the squadron level. One team tackles the coordination of highly-visible national events at the headquarters level, however, regionally, 28 squadron-level NCOs plan events and advertising specific to their area.

Air Force Recruiting Service classic association with Reserve now operational
Air Force Recruiting Service continues to forge ahead with Total Force recruiting. The order to form a classic associate partnership with AFRS and Air Force Reserve Recruiting Service is now signed and published with an effective date of June 14, 2020. The partnership will bolster effectiveness and combine strategies.

507th ARW July enlisted promotions

Fiscal Year 2021 UTA schedule available
August UTA Dates (Contact your leadership for more information)

UTA “A”: Aug. 1-2, 2020   //  UTA “B”: Aug. 15-16, 2020


To the Men and Women of the Air and Space Forces,

This Nation was born 244 years ago from the idea that the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness applies to every citizen.  The Department of the Air Force strives to uphold this principle for all who serve.  

We ask that you take a moment to reflect on what it means to be equal and operate in an environment built on mutual respect.  Every one of you is valued for what you bring to the team—diversity makes us stronger.

This Independence Day we hope you feel recognized and honored.  As we celebrate our liberty and freedoms, we must remember and support those who protect them.  For this, we thank each of you.  For those standing watch in forward locations, you are in our thoughts and we wish you a safe return to your friends and loved ones. 

We proudly serve beside you and wish you and your families a happy and safe Independence Day.


Barbara Barrett


John W. Raymond                                                      David L. Goldfein                 

General, USSF                                                             General, USAF                                  

Chief of Space Operations                                        Chief of Staff of the Air Force


Roger A. Towberman                                                 Kaleth O. Wright

Senior Enlisted Advisor of the Space Force           Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force

Heroes of the Air Force Reserve,

This weekend our Nation celebrates our freedom. On July 4, 1776, our founding fathers signed the Declaration of Independence, renouncing British rule. For the past 244 years, our country has remained free, thanks to the men and women who defend this great nation.

The Declaration of Independence decreed that all men are created equal, and endowed with certain unalienable rights. Although we do not live in a perfect world, nor a perfect society, we still embrace and aspire to these ideals. And it is these ideals that we protect with our military service.

This Independence Day, I ask every Reserve Citizen Airman to remember the principles upon which this great nation was founded. We should all strive to live by those principles, by treating everyone we encounter with dignity and respect.

The Command Chief and I want to wish you and your families a safe, happy Fourth of July.

TIMOTHY C. WHITE, JR.                                   RICHARD W. SCOBEE
Chief Master Sergeant, USAF                         Lieutenant General, USAF
Command Chief                                                Commander


Family Day 2020, Sept. 12, 2020 - CANCELED

Back to School Brigade
Aug. 1, 2020, 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Drive- thru school supply event at the Tinker AFB Youth Center, 4460 McNarney Ave. Tinker AFB, OK 73145. Register at myOperationHomefront.org

507th ARW Book Drive
Look for donation bins around the wing or bring donations to the Airman and Family Readiness Center in Bldg 1043. Donations benefit VA agencies in the OKC metro area. Books only, no magazines.

Yellow Ribbon Date and Location
If you received a call to Active Duty in support of a deployment for 75+ days or more, which resulted in separation from your family for the majority of the deployment, you are eligible to attend one pre-deployment event and two post-deployment Yellow Ribbon Events. For more information, call Master Sgt. Katie Johnson at 405-734-7207 or email katie.johnson.10@us.af.mil
Postponed until further notice

Vanwey Dining Facility – Open for business
Operating Hours – No Dine-in Service …. Carry out ONLY






0600 – 0800


0600 – 1300


1100 – 1300


1600 – 1800


1630 – 1830



Silver Squadron Breakfast
Sept. 26, 2020 (Saturday) Silver Squadron Breakfast – 0730 to 1030
Dec. 5, 2020 (Saturday) Silver Squadron Breakfast – 0730 to 1030
March 6, 2021 (Saturday) Silver Squadron Breakfast – 0730 to 1030

The quarterly breakfast events are hosted by the American Legion Auxiliary at the Del City Post located at 5000 SE 24th Street (405-670-9128) from 0730 to 1030. The cost is $8 per person or $1 if you only want to drink coffee and socialize. Several of the attendees bring pictures and mementos to share. Okie vets that own their own businesses can also set up a table and get information out about their services. Consider attending and please pass the info along to other former Okies that may not receive the e-mails and/or these newsletters. Thanks.

VA DISABILITY SERVICE OFFICER ATTENDS OKIE BREAKFASTS: Del City Post Service Officer Gordon Wheeler may attend the Okie breakfast on June 6th. Gordon will have a table off to the side to answer questions of veterans about filing disability claims and VA information. Gordon is also at the Post (5000 SE 24th Street) every Wednesday from 1 to 3 pm. Enter through the south door on the west side of the building. Spread the word and bring your questions/concerns. He’s one of the best if not THE best Service Officer in OK.

GROUP PICTURES: Pictures will be taken at approximately 9 am and again at around 10 am at the breakfasts. Some attendees like to arrive early and leave early, while others arrive later and leave at the end of the event. This way we can hopefully capture everyone.

Big Okie Reunion (tentative)
Sept 25-26 (Friday-Saturday)
SH OKIES 10th REUNION 2020: Tentatively scheduled for Friday and Saturday September 25-26, 2020. For more information keep an eye on the official website of the SH OKIES:  http://www.shokies.com/
If you would like to submit information or photos to the On-final, email us at