Telework tools

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  • Headquarters Air Force Reserve

During the next few days/months more of our employees will be teleworking. There are a few resources that can be utilized to continue operations from home.

Outlook Web Access (OWA) – provides limited access to email from the web (may not be able to access encrypted email). All you need to access OWA is a browser and CAC.

AFRC Sharepoint – accessible from external connection via CAC authentication.

Desktop Anywhere – can be installed on any computer (PC or Mac/Personal or Government). This capability gives the user full access to their desktop (same as in the office). Desktop Anywhere will allow access to all .mil websites, SharePoint sites, shared drives, Jabber, etc. The instructions to install Desktop Anywhere is on the AF Portal – once in the portal search for Desktop Anywhere.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) – can be used if the employee has a government issued laptop. VPN gives access to .mil sites, SharePoint sites, etc. At the moment file share will not be accessible from VPN. The AF has installed 2 new CONUS VPNs which are capable of handling 20K users each.

Tools to Collaborate (these can all be utilized through Desktop Anywhere):

Jabber – a collaborative tool which utilizes chat, audio and video. Currently deployed at HQ AFRC, soon to come to AFRC host base locations.

Teams – a collaborative tool which utilizes chat, audio and video. OneDrive can also be accessed through Teams to store files.

Skype – a collaborative tool which utilizes chat, audio and video. Teams will be replacing Skype in the future.

If you have any issues accessing any of these tools, please contact your local base Comm Focal Point.