2019 Novel Coronavirus Commander’s Intent

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  • Air Force Reserve Command

15 March 2020


SUBJECT: 2019 Novel Coronavirus Commander’s Intent

The dynamic nature of COVID-19 evolving guidance makes providing precise and detailed planning difficult. Effective communication is paramount. My number one priority is to take care of Airmen and their families while allowing commanders to command. AFRC will provide Wing Commanders support in making decisions impacting our Reservists and critical missions. We should attempt to preserve mission readiness, but not at the expense or risk to our Reserve Citizen Airmen and their families health.

I have considered the following directives and published guidance: SecDef Memo, Travel Restrictions for DoD Components 11 Mar 20; Force Health Protection Guidance (Supp 4) – DoD Guidance for Personnel 11 Mar 20; Dep SecDef Memo, Stop Movement for all Domestic Travel for DoD Components (COVID-19) 13 Mar 20; Air Force Stop Movement and Concurrent Travel Guidance (COVID-19) 15 Mar 20.

We believe the current stop order affects our Reserve force in the following way:

1. All Reservists currently in duty status (TR, IMA, AGR and ART on MPA, RPA, AT, IDT) are subject to Stop Movement for local area-only leave and government funded Domestic Travel for DoD Components issued March 13, 2020.

2. Reservists who are NOT in duty status are NOT subject to “Stop Movement for Domestic Travel for DoD Components” issued March 13, 2020. However, if they are dependents of active duty military personnel or DoD civilian personnel, they should follow the guidelines outlined in this Memorandum.

3. All DoD civilians and family members are subject to Stop Movement for government funded Domestic Travel for DoD Components issued March 13, 2020.

4. For the purposes of determining the definition of the local area, refer to your local installation policies and your chain of command.

5. If an Air Force Reserve member is currently on orders performing duty, the memorandum states they can finish their TDY, however this is up to the individual commander. They may curtail orders or allow the order to be completed. It is up to them to determine how they want to protect the health of their Airmen. (Memorandum
page 2, Individuals whose TDY ends while this memorandum is in effect may return to their home station).

6. The current stop travel order does not currently prohibit participation in any status; however, it may limit the individuals who can participate depending on travel requirements or individual circumstances.

7. Per AF Guidance: Contingency deployments (e.g. ULN/DCAPES-tasked): All currently scheduled Global Force Management (GFM) activities are defined as mission essential. This includes pre-planned missions in support of the Combatant Commanders enduring operations and all pre-deployment activities (processing, training, etc.). *Any other missions (i.e. non-GFM) require a SecAF-issued ETP in the absence of any additional direction being issued.

8. Tools for Commander’s consideration:
a. Excusal of UTA
b. Rescheduling individual UTAs
c. Rescheduling the Wing’s UTA to a later date
d. Create Super UTAs in combination with upcoming UTA drills
e. Allowing telecommuting and/or telework within the boundaries of the governing regulation to accomplish online reservist/civil service training and mission-essential related operations.
f. Allow people to do duty in the local area as appropriate.

9. For IMAs: The member's attached or assigned chain of command will determine if an IR is Mission Essential for duty (approval authority is outlined in the Stop Travel Order). Duty that requires travel outside the local area (as defined by your local installation policies and your chain of command) will follow the guidance in the 13 Mar 20 OSD Stop Travel Order.

10. All non-mission essential IRs will work with their immediate assigned or attached supervisor to determine continuation of work in their local area, but will not travel outside the local area IAW the Stop Travel Order.

11. All IMA AT, RPA, MPA orders that require travel and begin 16 Mar – 11 May have been cancelled by the member’s Detachment. Individuals who have already initiated travel (including intermediate stops) are authorized to continue to their final destination. Individuals whose TDY ends while this memorandum is in effect are authorized to return to their home station. Personnel who are deemed mission essential should submit a request for new orders and contact their Detachment.

Wing Commanders retain authority when determining military participation at their Wing (UTA, IDTs, AT, etc.). When determining whether to hold the UTA or conduct Unit training, commanders should consider local health conditions and restrictions, operational mission requirements, quality of training to be accomplished, distances members would be required to travel to participate and availability of members given the host of other challenges.

Ultimately, I support the local commander’s authority to weigh these factors and make sound decisions to take care of our Reserve Citizen Airmen.

                                                                                                                                                                          RICHARD W. SCOBEE
                                                                                                                                                                          Lieutenant General, USAF