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  • 513th ACG February Enlisted Promotions

    Promotions from the 513th Air Control Group enlisted ranks are:SENIOR MASTER SERGEANTKim Robertson, 970th Airborne Air Control SquadronPaul Steger, 970th Airborne Air Control SquadronSENIOR AIRMANGissel Barragan, 513th Aircraft Maintenance SquadronJet Foreman, 970th Airborne Air Control

  • 507th ARW February Enlisted Promotions

    Promotions from the 507th Air Refueling Wing enlisted ranks are:MASTER SERGEANTHeather Atherton, 507th Medical Squadron TECHNICAL SERGEANTMikaela Dison, 507th Force Support SquadronMichael Emerson, 507th Security Forces Squadron STAFF SERGEANT                          Jacob Calvert, 507th Aircraft

  • VP of Cox Business Oklahoma selected as reserve wing honorary commander

    The 507th Air Refueling Wing here welcomed their 2022 honorary commander and held a tour and static aircraft display Jan. 27, 2022. Ashley Perkins is the wing's new honorary commander for 2022. As vice president of Cox Business Oklahoma, Perkins provides direction and leadership for the

  • Refurbished Tinker Gate brings improved safety, security

    After 11 months of upgrades, Tinker Air Force Base’s main gate has reopened to traffic, boasting a number of safety and security improvements. The $3.4 million project was completed early, easing access for the thousands of vehicles that transit the gate every week, part of a process to bring

  • B-52H bomber makes its way slowly to Oklahoma City, ready to fulfill mission

    After nearly 1,500 miles and a month on the road, the B-52H Stratofortress nicknamed “Damage Inc. II” has arrived in Oklahoma and is ready to start its new mission.Unlike its predecessors “Ghost Rider” and “Wise Guy,” which were also resurrected from the Arizona desert, this venerable aircraft will

  • 507th Maintenance Group welcomes new commander

    TINKER AIR FORCE BASE, Okla. – Lt. Col. Terry Rosenbalm succeeded Col. Karwin Weaver as the commander of the 507th Maintenance Group here in a change of command ceremony Jan. 8, 2022.