ON-FINAL NEWS BULLETIN – April 9, 2021 (Vol 41, No. 4)

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Mary Begy
  • 507th Air Refueling Wing Public Affairs

ON-FINAL NEWS BULLETIN – April 9, 2021 (Vol 41, No. 4)

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Reservist saves motorcyclist's life
A Reservist in training to become a KC-135 Stratotanker pilot saved the life of a local motorcyclist on his way back to Vance Air Force Base, Oklahoma, March 20, 2021. 2nd Lt. Max Atkinson, a student pilot in the 71st Student Squadron at Vance AFB and projected to be assigned to the 465th Air Refueling Squadron here upon graduation, used rapid response and quick thinking to resuscitate a motorcyclist after he was thrown from his motorcycle in an accident on the highway.

The danger zone: Final denial barriers
A part of daily life on an Air Force installation is traveling through the gates to get on base. The daily commute can become a mundane and routine practice, and often times, drivers get complacent and overlook the hazard of stopping their vehicles on top of the final denial barrier systems put in place for gate runners.

Commissioning packages due April 11
The 507th Air Refueling Wing is scheduled to hold a commissioning board for enlisted Reservists during the May UTA.

Air Force unveils new mission statement
The Air Force released its new mission statement: To fly, fight, and win … Airpower anytime, anywhere. This change emphasizes the primary competitive advantage and capabilities airpower provides to the nation and joint operations.

730th Air Mobility Training Squadron trains the next generation
Reservists from the 730th Air Mobility Training Squadron, Altus Air Force Base, Oklahoma, prepare for a training sortie March 4, 2021. The 730th AMTS is a geographically separated unit of the 507th Operations Group, Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma, whose mission is to train future KC-135, KC-46 and C-17 pilots, KC-135 and KC-46 boom operators and loadmasters.

F-16 Viper and F-22 Raptor demo teams refuel with Okies
Pilots with the F-16 Viper and F-22 Raptor Demonstration Teams fly behind a KC-135 Stratotanker from the 465th Air Refueling Squadron assigned to Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma March 8, 2021.

507th ARW annual award winners announced
The 507th Air Refueling Wing here announced the winners of the 507th ARW 2020 Annual Awards during a small socially distanced ceremony March 6 at the 507th ARW Headquarters building.

VIDEO - First sgt. opportunities available in the 507th ARW

Looking for an exciting opportunity, new challenge, or ready to step out of your comfort zone? The 507th and 513th is looking for highly motivated leaders that are ready to take their career to the next level. First Sergeants are placed in squadrons across the wing, outside their career fields, work directly with Command staff and at the tip of the spear supporting our airmen. If you are up for the challenge, fill out the application package! See your immediate First Sergeant for more details or questions

Requirements at a glance: 4 week in residence course Maxwell AFB (1 year from selection to attend); 48 month retainability to attend Academy; Master sgt. or Tech. sgt. immediately eligible for Master sgt.

507th ARW April enlisted promotions

Fiscal Year 2021 UTA schedule available

Messages from Air Force Leaders


It is my honor to unveil the United States Air Force’s new mission statement:

To fly, fight, and win... Airpower anytime, anywhere.


As we developed this new mission statement, we consulted Airmen from across the entire spectrum – enlisted, officer, active duty, Guard, Reserve, and civilian members.  We included Airmen of all ranks, genders, and ethnicities.  Your input was invaluable in distilling what we do, and who we are, as a Service.

And I do mean, who we are – we are Airpower.  Airpower is the culmination of Total Force Airmen with their diverse specialties, expertise, and capabilities that make up our Air Force.  Every Airman is responsible for acquiring, delivering, supporting, launching, and driving Airpower. 


Delivering airpower for our Nation requires more than just aircraft.  Whether you fly, fix, or fuel our aircraft, guard our air bases, operate our ICBMs, defend our networks, provide resources and care for our Airmen and their families, or serve in any other Air Force career field to make the mission happen … because of YOU, airpower is possible…anytime, anywhere!


It continues to be the honor of a lifetime to serve alongside you as the 22nd Chief of Staff of the world’s greatest Air Force. 


CHARLES Q. BROWN, JR.                             

General, U.S. Air Force                                 

Chief of Staff



Our Chief of Staff of the Air Force has given us clear direction - Accelerate Change or Lose. Winning has always been the fabric of our service and while we may be asked to do new things in new ways, one constant remains...we will rise to this occasion as Airmen! To answer this call to action we must shift from the force we are today, to the force our Nation needs tomorrow; a force ready to meet the speed, agility, and nature of the evolving threat environment.

The first step in designing a new approach is acknowledging who we are at our core. In the coming months, we will release "Developing the Airmen We Need - The Blueprint for Enlisted Force Development." This serves as a one-of-a-kind, centralized, living resource which builds upon our Air Force Core Values of Integrity - Service - Excellence by capturing our diverse missions, specialties, and expectations as members of the Profession of Arms. It will define the way our Airmen are educated, trained, and developed to excel as members of the greatest Air Force in history. Additionally, it will highlight pathways, resources, and opportunities that speak to every enlisted Airman.

To move swiftly we have assembled several focus groups, each with Total Force and MAJCOM representatives, to explore ways we can drive meaningful change. These teams are made up of Airmen like you - Airmen who are all different, yet all incredibly valuable to our Air Force. Their work advances my focus areas of People - Readiness - Culture to prepare us for the demands of the future fight. We must do this to strengthen wingmen, leaders, and warriors at every level. To ensure we meet our obligations outlined in the Constitution to defend American's rights and freedoms, always stand ready to deter aggression and, when called upon, fight and win our Nation's wars.

We are transforming Enlisted Force Development in these specific areas:

Provide Purpose in Everything We Do - From our Oath of Enlistment to our national and service strategies, every Airman must understand how they fit into the bigger picture. Resiliency is foundational to readiness, not an afterthought. Every action must be connected to why we execute it and how it ties into where we are going. Our performance systems, to include feedback, evaluations, promotions, and awards processes will be examined to ensure they support developing the Airmen and leaders we need. Collectively, we will onboard and integrate capabilities at a much faster pace than before and position the greatest strategic advantage we have - our people - to be multi-capable Airmen and true force multipliers.

Enhance Joint Force Integration - We are building upon our culture and identity by clearly defining what it means to be an Airman and ensuring our teams have an appreciation and understanding of how we integrate as part of the Joint Force to deliver warfighting capabilities. In line with the Joint Staff's "Developing Enlisted Leaders for Tomorrow's Wars," Airmen must be able to rapidly analyze their environment, recognize commander's intent, and aggressively move to solve problems. Character, competence, and commitment will be our standard, and our NCOs & SNCOs will lead the way.

Deliver a Learning Ecosystem - Each progression through the continuum of learning must build upon the last. Our new learning model will be more aware and connected to the phases of enlisted development. We are creating a modem Air Force ecosystem of content and courses to connect communities of interest beyond organizational structures. We are driving digital solutions to provide visibility, accessibility, and quality throughout the force. Each Airman will be at the center of the experience and be able to freely navigate the learning ecosystem based on their own needs and desires.

Extend Growth Opportunities for All - Knowledge has proven to be the differentiator throughout history, and shared knowledge is ten times as powerful. It is a mission imperative in modem warfare for us to be comfortable taking on cross-functional roles outside the limits of our specialties or career fields. This requires a different type of approach to development and experiences for our Airmen to foster teamwork and maximize readiness. We will harness what the digital age offers to provide a greater level of access to learning than ever before. Innovation and inclusion are fueled by expanding opportunities beyond the traditional boundaries of rank or status. Our people have unmatched talents, skills, and abilities and we will continually invest in their growth to enhance their lives and our combined capabilities.

The choices we make today, impact the strength of the sword and shield we provide to future generations. This is where we cannot and will not fail. Since 1947 we have broken barriers and pushed the limits to discover the possible. It is what Airmen do, and what we will do again. This is our moment - our time - to accept this challenge and deliver an advantage unmatched by any adversary.

Together we will take the Air Force to new heights.  Aim High, Wingmen!

Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force


Vanwey Dining Facility – Open for business
Operating Hours – No Dine-in Service …. Carry out ONLY






0600 – 0800


0600 – 1300


1100 – 1300


1600 – 1800


1630 – 1830



Due to social distancing requirements and minimal dine-in seating, the Vanwey Dining Facility requests your support in minimizing DFAC congestion by staggering customer meal times. The following schedule shows the suggested time-slots for customers:

10:30am- 507 MXS, 507 SFS, 513 AMXS, 970 AACS
11:00am- 507 CES, 507 LRS, 513 MXS, 513 OPS
11:30 am- 465 ARS, 507 OG, 507 OSS, 507 AMXS
12:00 pm- 507 FSS, 507 ARW, 507 MSG, 507 MXG
12:30 pm- 507 MDS, 72 APS, 513 ACG

507th Chiefs Group – TOP 3 – Rising 6 and CGOC Present Career Planning
31 Mar 21 @ 1200
Bldg 1059, Ops Group Briefing Room
Also online @ DCS Link: https://conference.apps.mil/webco nf/TRAPDC
Dial In Number: 410-874-6300 or DSN: 312-874-6300    PIN: 434863040 
POC: Capt Sean Donnell 405-734-3932

Developing today’s leaders for tomorrow’s opportunities!

Interested in getting involved with the Professional Development or have questions? Contact SrA Alyssa Perry, TSgt Kerra Hibner, Capt Matthew Gregory, SMSgt Jeremy Scoles, Chiefs Group, TOP 3 or Rising 6 representatives.

Be on the lookout for the next upcoming training opportunity!

April is Stress Awareness Month

Did you know? 77% percent of Americans say stress affects their physical health and three out of four doctor visits are for stress-related ailments.

Studies have linked stress to heart disease, asthma, diabetes, obesity, gastrointestinal problems, depression and accelerated aging.

If you feel stressed, you could try one of these stress relieving tips:

• Keep a journal to track stressors. Writing about what is generating your stress, then brainstorming for solutions, can empower you to reduce stress and anxiety.

• Meditate mindfully to minimize chaos. Take quiet time to yourself, sit comfortably and breathe deeply. Ground yourself in the present and try to clear your mind of extraneous worries.

• Get help through your program.

• If you believe stress is harming your health, but you’ve been avoiding taking action, visit the Magellan Healthcare website for helpful resources or call your program for confidential mental health resources.

Working on Wellness-Tee up outdoor fun for everyone!

• As spring has sprung, avail yourself of the many fun activities you can do outside now: Take a walk, ride a bike, start a garden, take up a new sport, go for a swim, a hike, or go golfing or kayaking.

• Help the kids get active, too. Walk the dog with them, play catch, visit a park or nature trail, fly a kite, play badminton, rent paddleboats, rollerblade, give them sidewalk chalk, etc.

Recruiting needs you! We are all recruiters!
Telling your story to those around you, your family, friends and co-workers, can make a big difference to them and to the Air Force Reserve. Maybe you will tell your story to someone who lives nearby, someone who lives across the country or a friend who is getting out of Active Duty. The Air Force Reserve has locations across the country, who will you tell your story to?


Automated Lodging Registration System is now online
FSS excited to inform you that the Automated Lodging Registration System (ALRS) mobile app is now online to make lodging reservations and cancellations for primary UTAs. Currently, rescheduling lodging via the app is not possible.

If you are currently registered in ALRS with your cell phone number, you will receive a text message Oct. 23 with instructions to enroll in the mobile app, but it is recommended users set up the app in advance to ease the process. The app is available for download on Google play store for android users and the app store for Apple users. Finally, if you make your reservation in ALRS Mobile do not use the dial-in if you require a change or cancellation. 

If you have any issues downloading the app or additional questions, please contact MSgt Celeste Fletes at: 405-734-5532 or 507FSS.FSV.Lodging@us.af.mil

Yellow Ribbon (virtual)
April 24-25
May 15-16
June 19-20

Register @ https://www.yellowribbon.mil/events/registration/rVaf-SI2FVjptFX6Rgftgv11q4LzpY9d9Z0ox8u-chgvLNjW5DyTL9DfYf2NGJ_hlQKjHZ8H455YYdwuI1kTzFYBmFqlvtf0tUzLgZHvX9fCLKfA6vyQAqRNTHU/new

Contact MSgt Katie King for more information

If you would like to submit information or photos to the On-final, email us at 507arw.pa2@us.af.mil.