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Big changes on horizon for the Tinker Take Off

(U.S. Air Force graphic/Robin Meredith)

(U.S. Air Force graphic/Robin Meredith)

At the Tinker Take Off, we take pride in having provided Tinkerites with information they need, telling the Air Force’s story from inside the gates of Tinker Air Force Base for the past 77 years.

Like all things, with time comes change — you will begin to see big changes happening in the TTO starting October 2. 

Readers will notice a redesign taking shape for a news-magazine format. We will present more visually pleasing content and in-depth feature coverage. This format change will also introduce brand new features such as Health Beat, a special area dedicated to health-related content; TTO Staff Picks, a fun listing of the TTO staff’s favorites or recommendations around Tinker or the local community; and Off Beat, a fun feature taking you to different locations around the OKC metro, as well as other places in Oklahoma.

Another big change for the TTO beginning Oct. 2 is a new publication schedule. The TTO will change from being a weekly newspaper to a biweekly magazine, coming out every other Wednesday, instead of Fridays.

Readers can still get the most up-to-date news by visiting the Tinker Air Force Base website at Tinker.af.mil, the TTO website at TinkerTakeOff.com or our Facebook page where news and information will still be posted regularly and timely.

We will continue to provide readers with the crucial mission and base activity coverage they’ve come to expect, while also broadening our reporting horizons to bring special content from beyond the gates of Tinker.

We recognize we are a large part of the local community, so expect more information on places and things to see and experience throughout Oklahoma. We are excited about this change and look forward to hearing from you.