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Third Quarter award winners announced

Tinker AFB, Okla. -- The winners of the 507th ARW third quarter are Master Sgt. Johnnie R. Baker, Senior NCO; Tech. Sgt. Jimmy R. Thompson, NCO; and Senior Airman Zach Anderson, Airman.
Sergeant Baker, 507th AMXS, is the Integrated Avionics Systems Craftsman Shop Chief.
He was the lead technician for mission support on the RIMPAC deployment, executing 241.5 flying hours in 60 sorties, offloading 1,237,200 pounds of jet fuel to 268 diverse receivers. Sergeant Baker effectively established and maintained deployment work schedules and personnel assignments for sortie support, providing 100 percent coverage for both scheduled flying and unscheduled aircraft maintenance. 

"Sergeant Baker has a superior understanding of avionics maintenance procedures,"
says Maj. Sandra Brooks, 507th AMXS commander.   "He is the expert most sought out
by peers to provide advice." 

Sergeant Baker strives for win-win improvement efforts and uses opportunities to benefit himself as an individual and unit asset. He completed the senior NCO course to better himself and help accomplish unit objectives. Sergeant Baker is an active participant
in the Wing's health and welfare activities and is the fit to fight manager for his squadron. 

He is an outstanding community servant, volunteers 30 hours monthly in managing,
supporting and teaching programs.  He participates in Bikers Against Child Abuse and contributes time, talents and funds for Habitat for Humanity. 

Sergeant Thompson, 507th AMXS, is an aircraft mechanic. He exemplifies the "service before self" core value, and maintains and promotes standards others only hope to emulate. 

"He contributed directly to around-the clock aerial refueling alert missions supporting
Air Force global reach capability for the Strategic Command Single Integrated Operational Plan," said Maj. Sandra Brooks, 507th AMXS commander.  "He was a core member of select crew chiefs participating in Operation NOBLE EAGLE alert for homeland defense. Missions resulted in 2,153 flying hours flown on 374 sorties to 963
receivers offloading 11,842,700 pounds of fuel." 

Sergeant Thompson was a lead crew chief and mobility manager on RIMPAC 2006, executed 241.5 flying hours against 268 diverse receivers, 60 sorties offloaded 1,237,200 pounds of fuel.  Sergeant Thompson is enrolled in and actively pursing a Community College of the Air Force associate' s degree. He was instrumental in acquiring the needed funds for two new state-of-the-art inclement weather de-icing maintenance vehicles; decreased operational downtime and increased overall
crew chief performance during the winter months. 

Sergeant Thompson is an active officer in Civil Air Patrol; devoted fundraiser, helping raise funds for the Alex Serviss Foundation and a charity motorcycle rider. 

The Airman of the quarter has barely set foot on campus but he's already making
a big impact. Senior Airman Zach Anderson is a public affairs specialist in the 507th ARW Public Affairs Office. 

Airman Anderson graduated from basic training as an honor graduate.  At the Defense  Information Technical School he graduated as the distinguished honor graduate and earned status as a Green Rope, Superior Performer (twice), Yellow Rope and Airman of the Month. The superior performer awards were for receiving a perfect (100 percent)
during physical fitness evaluations. 

While at tech school, Airman Anderson volunteered as a support crew member for the Maryland Special Olympics, working 18 hours a day, facilitating five events each day. He also received a citation, signed by Frank Thorp IV, Rear Admiral, US Navy, for his performance while responding to a motor vehicle accident while he was at his tech school. His actions contributed to the successful medical airlift evacuation of an injured soldier. 

Airman Anderson currently works as a college recruiter, helping young students enter college. Most of his recruiting region is over 100 miles away.   "I'm very impressed by Airman Anderson," says Lt. Col. Rich Curry, Airman Anderson's supervisor. "His impact and hope to serve as both an example for other Airmen and a positive reflection of the Air Force Reserve are being felt by all who come in contact with him."